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Our projects and events since the European Year of "Equal Opportunities for All" (2007)

Our institute organized a symposium on Friday, September 28, 2007 at the conference center of the VP-Bank in Triesen (FL). This event, which was part of the European Year of "Equal Opportunities for All", happened in cooperation with the princely government of Liechtenstein, the administrative department for equality of opportunity, the university of Liechtenstein, the center for religion, economy and politics at the University of Zurich and the VP Bank in Liechtenstein.

Further informations you will find here (pdf) 

Following the symposium in the principality of Liechtenstein, our institute is planning further events based on a memorandum on intercultural economic ethics. Therefore, our institute took part in the foundation of an intercultural economic academy in Düsseldorf in March, 2009 and it also stands up for an international networking of similar institutions and projects.

Finally, our institute built a new collaboration with the Diakoniewissenschaftliches Institut (DWI – Insitute for Social Care Studies) at the University of Heidelberg. Our institute is contributing to the Masters “Management, Ethics and Innovation in the field of non-profits" (2014-2017). Therefore the director of our institute Dr. André Ritter will be responsible for a two-day workshop on “Interkulturelle und interreligiöse Herausforderung – Diversity Management” in March of 2016.


Status: January 20, 2015

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