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turelle und interreligiöse Forschung

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Our project with events on "Religiöse Bildung in pluraler Gesellschaft" (since 2013)

Within our new project with events on "Religiöse Bildung in pluraler Gesellschaft" we want to discuss research and education in diverse societies. This project happens in connection with the existing lectureship at the Pädagogische Hochschule  (University of Education) of Heidelberg as well as Karlsruhe.

Our ERASMUS+project (2014-2017) and it's own publication

In the current discussion on education the the awareness of the fact that we are living in a “risk society” is increased. In this society, people find themselves questioned – in various working processes as well as other situations in life. Especially in a society that is influenced by its pluralism and secularism, a common answer to the debate on questions and topics of religious education will become more and more urgent in order to emphasize the individuality and sociality of the human race appropriately.


Status: March 5, 2019

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