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Current projects and events

Here we introduce some of our projects. If you wish to learn more about these projects, simply click on the corresponding link in the task bar.  

Selected former or current projects:


Our regional researching project “Religiöse Vielfalt im Alpenrheintal” (2006-2012)

Our events since the EU year “Chancengleichheit für alle” (2007)

Our series of lectures “Integration mit aufrechtem Gang” (2006-2012)

Our pan-European project “Religion im Fokus der Öffentlichkeit” (since 2010).

Our researching project “Migration in Europa“ (since 2013)

Our project with events on “Religiöse Bildung in pluraler Gesellschaft” (since 2013)

Our project “Empirische Religionsforschung” (since 2014)

Our new researching project “Antisemitism in Europe"

Our new book project "Reformation und Islam - ein Diskurs" (2018/19)  

Our new plan "Peace Project Europe - a future perspective"      

Furthermore, our institute was mentoring and coaching the ecumenical project “Identity and Integration" (2010–2012). This happend under and in collaboration with a regional group of the Gemeinschaft Evangelischer Kirchen in Europa (GEKE), Konferenz der Kirchen am Rhein (KKR).  The following consultations took place: March 2010: Vienna, April 2010: St. Gallen, May 2010: Strasbourg. Beginning of July 2011: Final conference at the Evangelische Akademie Rheinland in Bonn-Bad Godesberg. In September 2012, our report “Identity and Integration” was recommended to the member churches by the plenum of the GEKE in Florence.         

In addition, our institute takes part in the European Grundtvig learning partnership “INTERKULT - Wertevermittlung im interkulturellen Kontext. Konsequenzen für die Erwachsenenbildung in Europa" (2010–2012). Together with several partner organizations from Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Rumania, we are developing a curriculum for intercultural teaching of values in Europe. Our common follow-up project “GESWAND - Erwachsenenbildung für demographisch, kulturell und religiös sich wandelnde Gesellschaften in Europa" (2012-2014) was also approved in Brussels.

In 2016 there was a new ERASMUS+project "Bildung für Ehrenamtliche in kultur- und religionssensibler Begleitung von MigrantInnen und Flüchtlingen - Education for volunteers in cultural and religious sensitive companionship of migrants and refugees" (2016/17) approved. Within the Strategic Partnership our Institute was involved as a project partner together with other institutions from several European countries and responsible for the final report. Two other ERASMUS+projects, in cooperation with partners from Ankara to Brussels, have already been approved in 2014. One of the projects was about “Community Education (CE)”, the other one about “Religiöse Bildung undinterkulturelles Lernen (RBIKL)”. Both projects were scheduled for a three-year term (2014-2017) - and the resultats have been published in 2017 as well. 


Finally we refer to the project "Interreligiöses Begegnungslernen nach dem Konzept der kooperierenden Fächergruppe" in responsibilty of our member Prof. Dr. Katja Boehme (PH Heidelberg) and under the patronage of  Minister President Wilfried Kretschmann (Baden-Württemberg). 

Further informations will follow as soon as possible,
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