Europäisches Institut für interkul-
turelle und interreligiöse Forschung

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The institute’s intention is academic research and teaching. Especially under the circumstances of European integration, we cover issues of intercultural and interreligious encounters and relationships.


The aim of the association is to prepare, conduct, evaluate or even convey scientific research projects and studies as well as regular professional conferences and educational events. These relate particularly to the fields of culture and religious sciences, theology as well as philosophy and ethics.


By order of the board, the association can be divided into various professional fields (departments, sectors or branches), depending on the research projects and subject areas.

Some more details about our targets you will find under 
Statuten des Europäischen Instituts für interkulturelle und interreligiöse Forschung as PDF, 

Last not least we point at our new publication in connection with our 15 years old Institute (2004-2019).


Status: May 18, 2020

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